Docpiano Basics for Clients a.c.a. FAQ-s

1. Before I book the band is there anything I should ask at the venue? 

It’s always a good idea to check whether your venue has special conditions or regulations for bands to play there, including ‘a sound limiter’. There has to be sufficient and all time safe electric supply (not including extension leads as we use them) – especially if you are hiring a marquee or outdoor venue.

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2. What is the band’s space and power requirement? 

As a standard, Docpiano Band uses a performance area of 4x3 meters, but we can manage to squeeze into a minimum area of 3x2 metres if space is limited. Having performed in all manor of venues from ball rooms to the most intimate clubs so we’re well versed in making the most of whatever space is available to us. We usually request 2 separate 20 amp supplies near to the stage area (optimally from different circuits).

3. When would you arrive, how long do you take to set up? 

We like to be set-up and sound checked before any of your guests arrive. Assuming access to the venue is straight forward, not more than 60 minutes to set up and soundcheck.  The band will arrive in time for set up and soundcheck. (A stanby fee is enforced if a venue requires that we are to be set-up by a particular time they stipulate or we are requested by you to arrive early for any reason.)

4. Do you have any specific requirements? 

The band request a room  for changing (suitable for the number of people in the line-up) and storing flight-cases, other personal items. The band would appreciate soft drinks. Outdoor performances (e.g. garden-parties, pool-nights, summertime festivals) are executed only in case all equipment and band crew are protected from bad weather conditions (directly exposed to rain, direct sunbeam, or gale)

5. What Technical Equipment do you supply?

The band travels with a top of the range 4.2kw PA and basic stage lighting system designed for suitable for most audiences of up to 300 people.  Neither you nor the venue needs to provide a thing, even you are hiring a DJ (who may plug into our PA sytem) or have a guest artist or singer (will play the backup via CD or Mp3, also provide vocal mirophone). Extensions to the PA/ Lightning system (e.g.: satellite speakers, additional dance floor lightning) can easily be arranged with advance notice, for additional fee.

6. Please specify the items you use

PA System: JBL Prx 515 series Active Front Speakers with bulit in Crown Amplification System, JBL EON 315 series active Speakers as floor/side field monitors, Yamaha MG 124/82 (CX) series 8/12 ch. mixing console. Instruments: Korg Pa3X 76 Professioanal Arranger Workstation (Docpiano plays the all time latest Korg Pa Series flagship) Roland Fp7F Digital Piano (may vary w/ Roland RD series) Accessories: Sure Beta58 vocal microphones, Klotz cables, Neutric plugs, Hercules stands.

7. How does the Band will appear on stage?

When we say Premium, we really mean it! Docpiano Band have a Dress-Code for all types of events: attentively compillated sets of Haute Coture costumes in perfect harmony but not uniformity (concerning either Smart- or Lounge-suits). In order to have the very thing, tuxedoes and formal black tie all on the hanger, just let us know.

8. What are the different line-ups for the band?

The standard line-up for the Docpiano Band is a 2 piece line-up that includes: Andras Kovacs - Lead singer/ guitar player and Dr. Mate „Docpiano” Juhasz - piano&keyboard/ backing vocal. However the band is comitted to „quality not quantity” pricipal, additional vocalists (female/male) and players (eg. percussionist, sax, trumpet, trombone, violin) can easily be integrated, please enquire for more information. Interactive DJ/KARAOKE service is available during breaks. The top of the range sounding and significant musical content of Docpiano Band comes from the optimal balance of exeptional musical skills and high tech instruments on stage. Upon request, we make suggestions to suit your wishes, budget and venue.

9. What type/size venues are you able to play at?

The last 15 years, Docpiano Band have played in wide range of venues, from festivals and huge ballrooms, restaurants to intimate clubs and private residencies. Since very few Musical Acts have additional abilities (non-music related University degree, being muliti-lingual, complex milieu present in family, acclaimed civil profession) in-house, Docpiano is considered a specialist of those Corporate Funtions, Conventions, Hotels, Wedding Parties Private Events that have a multi-national/cultural or higher class group of guests.  Docpiano Band are also available for: Anniversaries, Grand Openings, Annual Dinner Dances, Fund Raisers, Awards Nights, Community Events, Banquets, Chanukah and Purim Parties, Bar/ Bat Mitzvahs, Clubs, Spas, Country Clubs, Dinner Dances, Graduation Parties, Resorts, Reunions, New Year’s Eve Perties.

10. What kind of music do you play?

The Docpiano Style is a unique Symbiosis betwwen the Tunes and the all time Atmosphere through constant interaction and reaction. The Docpiano Band's repertoire is a 1500 piece extract of melodies from the past 7 decades till Nowdays. The perfomences cover, sometimes melt styles of 5 continents (eg.: Swing, Jazz, Soul, Disco, Funky, Rock’ n’ Roll, Latin, Evergreen Ballads and Pop songs from English, French, Italian, German, Israeli, Hungarian performers, Ethnic Jiddish, Chassidic, Serb, Gipsy, Russian songs) constantly amended with new ones to suit your event: providing a smooth dub for concersations, programs at the due time fill the dancefloor all night long. The current list of songs is sent to you upon request.

11. Do you use any backing tapes? Caught in a Demo Trap?

Is the video on your website a true reflection of the band? No! We are 100% live and use no backing material, sequencing or silly gimmicks what-so-ever so that you get the true ‘live experience’ that you expect from a professional band. Sadly, numerous production’s Demo rarely represent reality. Demos are normally recorded in a professional recording studio on hi-tech equipment that can make just about anyone sound good. The Docpiano Demos are 100% representative of the sound. Audio tracks are recorded by the Band using only a Tascam soundcard, not in a hi-tech studio, yet you’ll still be convinced. There are two types of video on our website. Live performancees, created to give you the opportunity to hear th e band playing. Some were filmed as a „teaser”, in order to create a quick impression for booking agents, still the audio recording is reflective, with own tunes!

12./ Will you learn our special song?

Absolutely! We consider playing your special song not just a part of the Service, but also as the first Challenge of the Event! Once Docpiano is declared a Professional Act we do not ask you 4-6 weeks time /as common/ but 3 DAYS from the booked date to let us know your choice, and get ready to perform it you you! Note: However we reserve the right to „adjust” the song to our playing style, vocal spectrum, instrumentation, we offer a guarantee of recognition in 30 seconds time, offering you an extra 60 minutes of live Music Set in case of faliure!

13. Can I choose the ‘first dance’ song at my wedding?

Absolutely! It will be our pleasure to perform any song you choose for your first dance, even if it does not appear on our current song list applying the same conditions mentioned above!

14. Can I pick the bands playlist?

You are certanly welcome to pick which songs from our repertoire to be played, indeed let he bsnd’s expertee to decide the order in which they are played. For an optimal outcome of the night we suggest you to let us know any songs you definitely DO or DO NOT want rather than a hard and fast list that we feel obliged to not deviate from should the mood require it.

15. Can I choose all the songs that you play?

It is an honour for the band to have all of your favourites in our repetoire, however there also might be other songs, styles, tempos, missing from your list, yet would make your guests happy. Let our expertise to help you out by select the songs for the set list which are the most suitable for your event.

16. Can a birthday boy or girl sing a song on stage with you?

Certainly!  He or she is welcome to join us on stage for a song, along with a family member or friend, if they’d like to sing with the band or just do some backing vocals!

17. Can my sister/boss/daughter’s pet sing with your band?

We certainly enjoy people get up to sing a song with us, but we do like to make sure that those singing or playing with us have some prior experience of being on stage. Therefore, to avoid evitable worries, we have arrange this with you in advance, since past experience has taught us that welcoming impromptu guests onto the stage on the night itself, can often end in inconvinient reflections from the audience, having a negative effect on the band’s reputation.

18. Do you play music through your PA before you start and during intervals?

Absolutely. Music playlists between sets comes as standard with every booking. If you are not also hiring the services of a DJ we play our own selection of suitable music via any digital device, alternatively you are more than welcome to bring along either your own ipod / mp3 player to plug directly into our PA or provide us with your own selection of songs.

19. Is it Possible to use your sound system for speeches, announcements?

You are welcome to use our PA system for your speeches, as a part of the Service a wireless vocal mirophone is provided.

20. Will I need to book a DJ as well as the band?

You may book Docpiano Band with or without DJ service. As a part of the Complex Music Service, the band self contain some suitable pre-mixed dance music playing during breaks via digital music player device. Alternatively, you may choose the in-house, fully manned DJ service with a massive back catalogue of music, including a great selection of current chart hits during breaks. If you have already booked, or plan to Book a DJ, it is completely fine with us.

21. What time do you start and finish?

That’s entirely up to you, timings of all the sets scheduled according to the night’s proceedings (buffet/evening meal, first dance, DJ / disco etc.). We usually finish no later than 2.A.M., but causes no problem to perform later than this time as well for an additional fee.

22. How long do you usually play for?

We usually play 4 x 50 minutes but shorter or longer sets can easily be customised to suit your event. Extra sets can easily be accommodated upon request.

23. How is it best to time the events of the Night?

Concerning the bands performance times are important in making your evening flow properly, we are totally flexible with this issue. The optimal schedule (by past experience) does not allow the performance happen at the same time as the buffet or anything else you may have planned at your event. Please also note, at the end of a 50 minute party set, guests will supposadely need a short break for a drink and a minute of rest. Keeping them entertained by the events planned, will save the smart organization in the mind’s eye, we assume.

24. How loud will the band be? Our venue has a sound limiter – is that a problem?

The band can play as loudly or quietly as you like. We are truely concerned that our volume levels are such that people at your event can still converse, but really feel as though they are at a gig when they're on the dance floor. The Docpiano Band have experience playing at many functions of differing size, and without any request will adjust the volume to the size of the room, number of people and as the most important: the atmosphere! A sound limiter, can be a problem for some bands with acoustic drum kits or less self control. We have happened to play venues where people’s singing or applauding was enough to trip the limiter (and turn off all the bands power). Docpiano Band uses a top of the range PA system. We cannot stress enough how important the quality and the size of a sound system is. A big professional system such as ours ‘cruising’ along will sound infinitely better than a cheaper/smaller system operating at full blast. We always adhere to your volume requirements.

25. We have a quite heterogenious group of guests. How do you keep everybody happy?

At most functions, audiences are usually mixed in both age and musical taste. It is therefore important to book a band with an extensive and varied repertoire so everyone can come up and dance. We have played at hundreds of dinner-dances, ladies nights and weddings etc and keep everybody happy by selecting and adapting swiftly from the many styles within our repertoire. Live music is so much more personalised, exciting and dynamic than a disco and with Docpiano you get the best of both worlds as between our live sets we keep the atmosphere going with disco music anyway. The main concern people have with live music is the volume level. We are not loud and appreciate that during the evening people like to be able to talk as well as dance. We have total control over our volume level. Also, if there is a song that is simply a ‘must’ for your function we can learn it too, providing we are given sufficient notice.

26. How much does it cost to book Docpiano Band?

The Docpiano Band provide the very best in quality live entertainment from start to finish, offering a competitive price. You can depend on our professional solutions: exclude any music related issue of your duties as an organizer, as a guest, prepare to enjoy a night of premium music (both the sound and content side) anything to worry about! Please note: productions (skipping the many years of musical studies, the significant financial input on purchasing and maintaning techical instruments, the daily spent hours on reharsals/expanding repertoire/working on details of related issues like design, marketing/ may offer a way less price, but are only cheap imitations! The total price contains constant elements (like technical setup, standby time, staff, transportation/accomodation) along with varying parts (the line-up size, and the length of time you wish the band to play). The Docpiano Professional Service offers the same top quality performance Anytime, Anywhere! When calculating prices (fees usually start at 100 GBP per hour) we have the luxury to ignore the time of week/year, the location of your event, set-up and finish times, timings, upgrade options, songs to learn for you, furthermore no charge for the travel time. We truely believe, the quality we represent speaks for itsef, no need to verify the value with extra points. Please do contact us with the details of your engagement and we will provide you with a free, personal, no obligation quote.

27. Can I see Docpiano Band live before I book?

However The Docpiano Band primarily perform at private functions, it is possible for interested parties to see us live. (We would recommend going to see any band - including us - before booking). 1./ The Band’s have promotional material includes over 95% of live recordings and video. 2./ We do also occasionally perform public at festivals, clubs and community events, where You can just pop in and stay as long as you want, at no extra cost. Please visit the ‘Calendar’ section of the website or follow Facebook/ page for details of any upcoming shows. Any last minute public gigs are promoted. 3./With the courtesy of pepole in charge (e.g. the ones are held in hotels, restaurants or outdoor venues with numerous guests) some of the events may allow us to have a rectricted no. of visitors for a short peridod of time. In case you can not appear any of our public shows, please send an email or give a phonecall so we’ll add you to our invite list, and provide directions.

28. How far will the band travel?

The Docpiano Band has a split residence in England & Hungary but will travel all over the EU and worldwide. The precalculated expenses of transportation/accomodation will be included into your quote.

29. How do I obtain a quote and what details do you need?

1) Simply email us stating your name, contact details, date of event, type of function, location of venue, the desired line-up, length of sets and approximate start time

2) Give us a call on should you wish to make a booking or have anything to discuss.

30. Is it possible to book you provisionally?

Please note that as we often receive enquiries for the same date. We keep the date of your event free for a period of 7 days after we send the quote. We can easily 'hold the date' longer for you but please let us know if you wish us to do so. Unfortunately, we don’t take provisional bookings as our demand is such that we would be turning clients away on popular dates.  However, when you make an official enquiry with us, your enquiry will be logged in our system and you will be given first refusal on your date should anybody else enquire for the same date.

31. What is the Launch time of our Cooperation?

A booking is only considered valid, when the contract attached to the quote is signed and returned to us, or signed personally at Docpiano’s seat. A few exceptional cases like short period of time, contemporal distance, health situation we accept a e-mails for confirmation, if contain all essential conditions (date, venue, endurance, set-up, contract fee, set up time, extra support needed) along with a statement of acceptation the terms of cancelation. However later on - for both parties comfort – we advise you to make up with full filling the complete agreement.

32. What are your deposit and payment requirements?

Since a contract steps in effect along with the booking, Docpiano Band requires NO deposit payable. Please note: from the day the booking is accepted valid by the parties  a 50% compensation fee is billed to cancel it (100% from 7 days before the actual date). The balance can be settled any time before the event or on the night by cash or cheque.

33. What if… ? As professional production, it is essential take our commitments very seriously. Docpiano has a solution for most unforeseen circumstances (health/family problems). Docpiano has excellent musician partners who are ready and able to step in at any point and cover for the hampered band member.  If this should occur it will not have any effect on the fee due or indeed the quality of our performance on the night. By placing a booking with us from the offset it is assumed that you are agreeable for us to do this. As a part of the contract, Docpiano is reponsible for his own technical equipment and transport: the band has duplicates or quick replecement of almost each technical item, including veichles. In the very unlikely or vis maior situation (e.g.: extreme weather, serious social conflict, more missing band members) Docpiano Band is disable to perform at your event, every effort is made to find a suitable replacement band, at our own expense.

34. Do you have insurance against accidents and damage at venues?

Regarding issues of insurance and official regulations The Contract for Musical Service applies the governing law of the countries that parties are citizens/residents of. Regarding UK performances, The Docpiano Band is engaged to have public liability insurance and all electrical equipment is fully PAT tested.  The band exclusively cooperates with DJ-s having the requisite ProDub digital DJ licence.

If you feel that there is something we have not covered, or if you need to ask any other questions, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.