Docpiano: "add Style to your groove"

Docpiano. The essence of my concept for premium musical service, constantly formed by  the years of experience as a professional musician, as well as my "daytime" profession as an Attorney at Law. The Guidelines sorted to Docpiano letters clearly explain what distinguishes my way of "playing the Game" from any other Professional Act, and make the all time Docpiano Band a Registered Trade Mark.

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One and Only Live Music. The issue beyond dispute, true both for performances and recordings. Realtime Tunes exclusively turned out by using personal skills, overmore, reproduceable anytime at any conditions by the artist. Whatsoever pepole might say, using Mp3 files or backing sequences is DJ-ing, not playing music. I believe Less is always more: honesty pays on the long run. What else than Live Music is suitable for immediate interaction to your audience? Each Docpiano performance is a night long reflection to the atmosphere that means, you may always sing an extra refrain when it's partytime, or cuddle a minute more for a love song...  

Client Recognition stands for Flexibility that is beyond your expectations. Your Event, Your Rules: without any prior negotiation all of Docpiano's professional experience is on call to make your and your guests' night an unforgettable one, however this is just the begining. I am concerned about all of your expectations, secret ideas, extra needs or plans that you wish to come true regarding the music part, even if they are not mentioned directly at the terms and conditions part of my proposal. If required I will make suggestions to suit your requirements, budget, and venue. Unusual location, placement, timing,additional players, extra techincal items, support or capacity, songs to learn or play, singing along with the band, extra hours of playing time, some ceremony mastering, special music between live sets: it is all possible! 

Passion for Music is substance No.1 of Docpiano Productions, a notion all of my Friends and Cooperates share as standard. For me, it means that gigs are not resorts to pay expenses, but occasions for the heart to feed upon. It means the Honesty of your smile after a long night, realising that each performance is a special one. Passion for Music is the explanation of the submissive approach to your limits constantly forcing to expand them along with the list of songs, as well as basement of the precedental cooperation of ours in order the Band to function as a whole.

Innovation. Music is an equasion with multiple solutions in harmony. Innovation (variations for styles, tempos, even harmonies of the same tune) is the actual evolution of Music, a puzzle Docpiano Band often experiences. When playing hundreds of songs from numerous performers representing different genres,eras,sexes,ages or voice tones, it is impossible to even get close to the genuine sounding by an objective measure. To resolve the tension, the typical caracters and merits of the "donor" song are marrie to the Band's positive facilities and personal mainstays. The process usually results an "Individual version" that is still recognizable and consumable for standard audience but the same time holds reasonable musical content. Overall, the intense presence of innovation and Individual elements positions Docpiano Band to perform Remakes opposite to covers.  

Attorney on Board is a multiple asset for clients, that practically means a smooth cooperation with an intelligent, intuitive, graduate partner managing unexpected or extreme situations as a piece of cake, resistant to stress, and capable only for success, not excuses. The luxury to forget all prior worries about a band's performance sided manners in the fields of outstanding commuication, appropriate music selection for complex events, using perfect dress code  and many more issues that often generate problems. The solace to cooperate with a band that is comfortable and confident at any event whatever the class is.

Nexus of Cultures, Languages and Musical Styles. The Docpiano Repertoire exclusively contains songs in languages I happen to speak and understand (English, French, German, Hungarian, basic Spanish, Jiddish, Italian Gipsy and Serb) terefore are easy to transform into my own innovative, jazzy toned style using more harmonies than the Rolling Stones but way less than Herbie Hancock...

Optimal Use of Resources. A complex system supports all Docpiano performances that incorporates and provides detailed control of all important fields of work (just to mention musical concept, technical conditions, logistics, design, analysis, marketing), in order to meet Clients' expectations: Outstanding All Time Live Performance, Top Sound Quality, Classy Appearence, Positive Answers for  F.A.Q-s, Clear and Real Information to make Smart Decisions, Time Saving Negotioation, Competitive Price, Long Term Cooperation and many more features, that coincide the Docpiano Style!